Welcome to my humble abode. The water is running freely, and the wolves can be heard howling in the moonlight. Enjoy your stay. :)

23:June:05 Update
I've tweaked the layout a little to give me more space to work with, and added a new mix in the Soundwave section. Its upfront freeform, and I've made it available in both real audio and mp3 formats, which is what I'll probably be doing with all my mixes from now on. I'll get tracklists for the mixes sorted in a bit. :)

19:May:05 Update
After almost 3 weeks of suspension, I decided to switch hosting (I'm now with Xenoten.net), and managed to bag myself a rather nice storage and bandwidth upgrade in the process. Im with thier top package, which entitles me to 5Gigs of space and 200Gigs of bandwidth, not that I'll ever need it. The downtime gave me the opportunity to bash out a new design I'd been toying with (Yes, its the layout you see as of today), and I boomfed everything over to php. I'm also about to go and upload one of my old mixes, 'Suddernaught', from the first site design which I've managed to retrieve, which although not spectacular, should satisfy your aural needs until I have a chance to whack out some new mixes. As ever, its over in the Soundwave section.